The Conscious Leader : #52 Humour

The conscious leader maintains a sense of humour. He knows that life is full of irony and is ready to laugh at any moment, at every situation. He knows that no matter how serious the situation, we should also be careful to not make it mean too much. He remains present enough to remember that no matter how bad things appear to be, no matter what the apparent consequences, the world will not end. The world has survived worse. Most of all, he is ready to laugh at himself, [...]

The Conscious Leader : #51 Refinement

The conscious leader strives for refinement, the constant, gradual improvements that amount to quality and success. She has seen how each thing—car, aeroplane, phone—was right for its time when launched, yet nowhere near what it would become. She has noticed how people naturally came together to improve these things, how those improvements happened in small increments and how, suddenly, each thing reached its tipping point, and shifted from being clunky to astonishing. She knows that everything, even the smallest personal project, follows this same path, and therefore starting is [...]

The Conscious Leader : #50 Activism

The conscious leader is a leadership activist. He recognises that leadership is not a position or title, but a state of being and a duty of every person, and he calls it out when he sees it is missing. He knows that this approach is not always popular. He has seen that dictators always start out as freedom fighters and, similarly, when people gain access to a position, they very often become the type of leader they once fought against. In this vein, he has noticed that people tend [...]

The Conscious Leader : #49 Uniqueness

The conscious leader harnesses the uniqueness and opportunity of every person, and every situation. She has seen how the past can flood the present with its, “I’ve been here before,” certainty. She knows that as much as statistics and experience can be useful, they can be leveraged to support any argument. She knows that there’s a first time for everything, and that every situation, when viewed from within, instead of from without, has its own special potential. Likewise, every person. She is mindful that lessons learned don’t have to [...]

The Conscious Leader : #48 Consistency

The conscious leader believes in consistency. He recognises that consistency is the lieutenant of persistence. It shows up with its buttons shining and boots cleaned, no matter what the circumstances. He knows that people are watching him and may react to any and every sign that he does not believe as much as he says he does, that he is not who he says he is, or that things are getting to him more than he professes. He knows that consistency breeds confidence and respect. He also knows that [...]

The Conscious Leader : #47 Persistence

The conscious leader deals in persistence. She knows that persistence is the necessary ingredient when it comes to the achievement of goals. She remembers that the tortoise won against the hare, and notes that the hedgehog does quite well against the fox. She listens to the adage that it takes ten years to become an overnight success, and that good things come to those who wait. When the going gets tough, and the outcome is in doubt, she puts her head down and does not get distracted. She knows [...]

The Conscious Leader : #10 Motive

The conscious leader is mindful of motive. She knows that when people lobby for a decision, they often present a false motive. They say it’s for the greater good, when really, it’s for themselves. They say it’s for the pleasure, when really, it’s for the money. She knows that decisions can have unintended consequences—you make a play to entrench your power, for example, and you get ousted instead—and that a person’s true motive inevitably gets revealed through such events. The truth will out, as they say. A false or [...]

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