The conscious leader deals in persistence.

She knows that persistence is the necessary ingredient when it comes to the achievement of goals.

She remembers that the tortoise won against the hare, and notes that the hedgehog does quite well against the fox. She listens to the adage that it takes ten years to become an overnight success, and that good things come to those who wait.

When the going gets tough, and the outcome is in doubt, she puts her head down and does not get distracted. She knows that “where you look you will go” and that there is only one way to go: forward. To support herself, she looks to the stories of people who have overcome, rather than listen to the naysayers.

While doing all this, she does not cling to false positives. She makes sure it’s belief, not “being right” or “having to win” that is driving her.

The conscious leader ensures attainment of the goal through the practice of persistence.

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