The conscious leader is free to ask.

He does not lead others on a merry dance. He does not expect others to know what he is thinking or what he wants if he hasn’t expressed it. He knows that a large chunk of human misery and conflict arises out of unexpressed expectations and then manipulating the other person because “they should know”. If he doesn’t get what he wants from his colleagues, his team, or his own boss, he asks.

When the conscious leader is unhappy he identifies what’s missing; he formulates what he wants, and then he asks for it. Most importantly, when he asks, he grants the other person full permission to say no, then he deals with the response he gets by either letting go of his request, repeating it, or taking it elsewhere.

He does not manipulate to get what he wants. He knows he is free and he allows others to be free too. There is no politics around him. There is movement. Things don’t get stuck.

The conscious leader takes what he gets and lets go of what he doesn’t get.


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