The conscious leader faces facts.

He has experienced that when a potential future problem is looming, then letting things run, or turning a blind eye, no matter the reason, keeps him going in circles. It keeps him stuck. It makes things worse.

He can testify that, no matter how bad he fears they may be, getting in touch with the facts always feels better than avoiding them. It always puts him in a position of clarity, and power.

He also knows that even if future possibilities exist, it’s better to not get hooked by false hope. He remembers that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and so he brings himself back to what is real. He faces the facts as they are right now and, instead of assuming things will change, he asks, What if they don’t?

He knows that facing the facts empowers him to take the best next step, which is the only step he can take.

The conscious leader always takes the best next step by facing the facts, especially in times of trouble.

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