The conscious leader believes in education.

She shares her knowledge and expertise; she also shares her thinking with her staff when she makes decisions. Once they’ve been let in, she asks her reports to make the same decisions themselves. Soon she can set them free to decide without her.

She allows mistakes, and when they happen, she does not panic; she knows it’s not the end of the world. Instead, she corrects and re-educates.

In this way she invests time in people. Her staff’s level of work, and their self-esteem, rises. Satisfaction rises. Empowerment rises. She is not afraid. She knows she can move on to greater things, and her investment pays back with the time to explore those things.

She knows that working herself out of a position is the key to her success, it’s her Midas touch.

The conscious leader never forgets that educating her people is the key to her own freedom.

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