People coaching solutions are a business’s secret weapon!

WHEN ARMIES traditionally lined up on the battlefield they used a lot of bluster to strike fear in the enemy’s heart. Things like war paint, feathers, shining blades, horses, long hair, big noise – all played a part.What was less visible was the true courage of the warriors, the discipline they had to stick to their structures, and the commitment they had to each other. There are many tales of miraculous victory by the underdogs. They are universally inspiring. And always they involve those invisible characteristics of discipline, valour, commitment over the big, brutish weapons. David over Goliath. People coaching solutions turn your staff into the Davids of the business world.

This is not to support the typical military metaphors that have been used by business throughout the last century. Success in today’s business environment is much more about collaboration than destruction of the enemy. Still, the point is clear: it’s the invisible factors that can make all the difference for a small army. Likewise, it’s the invisible factors that can make all the difference in the success of a small business.

The critical people coaching solution factors

What are the critical invisible factors that can make such a difference? For starters, consider the factors that make up happiness at work, which scientists linked to the iOpener Institute in England have found directly contributes to performance. These factors include: contribution, commitment, conviction, confidence and culture. They are further supported by the factors of pride, trust and recognition. Ensuring that these factors are all present and active to a healthy degree in every individual and every team is the key to a successful business. This is one outcome of people coaching solutions.

Compare your worst versus your best customer experience. That person who gave you your worst experience: were they happy or unhappy in their job? Conversely, your best experience: was that person happy or unhappy? It’s likely that the evidence of your own experience speaks for itself. The invisible factors that lie beyond hard skills can make all the difference to the success of a business. These are the focus of people coaching solutions.

The range of people coaching solutions

The range of people coaching solutions includes:

  • Leadership, coaching and mentoring solutions, including:
    • Developing self-leadership and the ability to delegate;
    • Developing a coaching style of leading and mentoring others.
  • Improving performance in all areas through:
    • Alignment of business and personal values;
    • Time management and productivity;
    • Initiative, decision-making and accountability;
    • Staff loyalty, pride, trust and recognition;
    • Talent management programs.

The delivery formats for people coaching solutions

People coaching solutions are delivered through:

  • One-on-one coaching and/or mentoring;
  • Leadership development workshops;
  • Diagnostics and performance-related tools and programs;
  • Group coaching and coaching circles;
  • Coach training and mentoring.

People coaching solutions are often the last investment that most small businesses consider. Yet often the business solution fails at the hands of leadership styles, people and performance management issues, a lack of talent management and internal communications problems. People coaching solutions designed to address these issues supplement the business solutions that Neil provides.

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