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Do Relationships Maketh The Team?

For better team performance, focus on the relationships; for better individual performance, focus on the team. SPORT IS always a good reference for team performance and for this subject there is no better example than the South African Super Rugby team, The Lions. Despite a proud tradition, the Lions had been on a downhill trajectory for years. They had provided many of the players who won the 1995 Rugby World Cup for South Africa. They had won the first international Super 10 tournament (the precursor to Super Rugby). However, by [...]

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What Is People Development?

People development is a duty, a privilege and an investment! COMPANIES ARE in a unique position to develop people and thereby have a positive impact on the society of which they are a part. The organisations that do invest in people development reap massive rewards. Some are measurable, some not. Neil offers tailor-made  people development and high performance coaching programs that are designed to shift staff into high levels of engagement, and beyond, to achieve their full potential. People development programs Neil offers people development programs that cover the following [...]

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What is Leadership Development?

Leadership development is a privilege - and it's for everyone! AT A simple practical level, being a leader generally means being in charge. Historically, the old schoolteacher model applied: you were given authority by virtue of your office or title. You gained that title because you were the best at your job or had been there the longest. The title gave you the right to issue instructions. People responded to you because they were conditioned to, or perhaps out of fear. You didn't have to do much other than show [...]

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What Are Sales Coaching Solutions?

Sales coaching brings science into the art of sales! EVERY SALES person knows the value of being the trusted advisor. Traditionally, you knew you had achieved that status when your client asked for your opinion on competitor products. This was proof that he or she trusted you and that you had the inside track. This was sufficient in the days when sales coaching taught the art of solutions selling, when salespeople were more sophisticated than buyers, and when products were more broadly differentiated. In today's competitive environment, buyers have become [...]

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What Are People Coaching Solutions?

People coaching solutions are a business's secret weapon! WHEN ARMIES traditionally lined up on the battlefield they used a lot of bluster to strike fear in the enemy's heart. Things like war paint, feathers, shining blades, horses, long hair, big noise - all played a part.What was less visible was the true courage of the warriors, the discipline they had to stick to their structures, and the commitment they had to each other. There are many tales of miraculous victory by the underdogs. They are universally inspiring. And always they [...]

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What is A Business Coach?

Business coaching solutions is guidance at the highest level! Defining a vision and mission is tricky, and important. Doing it alone can be like putting a band in the studio without a producer. The sound that comes out may be energizing for the band, and a cacophony to an outsider. A good producer can turn that sound into a hit. Similarly, a vision may energize the business owners, and miss the mark completely in terms of what the world wants or needs. Just ask the hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs who [...]

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Wisdom 101: #32 Learn from Life

  The real lessons in life are seldom the ones we want WHEN WE learn the lessons in life that we think we need to learn, we generally learn nothing at all. The real lessons we need to learn are the lessons that life has in store for us. You know when you’re due for your next lesson: it’s when you’re resisting some or other change. You find yourself stuck, defending your position, trying with all your might to hold on and control what should happen next. When you’re driving [...]

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Insights #32: Listen for Your Listening!

  I'M LEARNING to listen. To really listen. Of course, coaching is all about listening and so I could say I’m a trained professional listener and that’s the end of it, but then I wouldn’t be listening anymore – listening for what there is to still listen for. The movie Tornado is a story about a guy who learns to sit through the night, listening to a horse, and through his listening, he becomes healed, and heals the horse. I’ve been practising this, with my son, with myself – sitting [...]

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Wisdom 101: #31 Be Uncertain About Life

Being uncertain is the launching pad for personal power If there’s anything you’re certain about, anything you’re 100% sure that that’s the way life is, that’s the way God made us, then you can be certain about one thing more: that you’re fooling yourself. What you take as the absolute truth is simply the current  limit of your world, of what you believe is possible. It’s your ‘flat earth’ statement, and you just haven’t sailed beyond the limits yet to test it. Ne plus ultra is a Latin term that [...]

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Insights #31: This Is It!

  ONE OF the greatest realisations that people get from attending workshops is the realisation that they’re not alone. For most of our lives we keep our cards to ourselves like poker players; the energy compounds, and we feel worse about our ‘situation’. Just sitting in a room with other people, hearing the presenter say something that applies to you and that you realise applies to everyone else in the room already halves your worries. The guardedness you arrived with starts to fall away. If the process has rules that [...]

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