Business coaching solutions is guidance at the highest level!

Defining a vision and mission is tricky, and important. Doing it alone can be like putting a band in the studio without a producer. The sound that comes out may be energizing for the band, and a cacophony to an outsider. A good producer can turn that sound into a hit.

Similarly, a vision may energize the business owners, and miss the mark completely in terms of what the world wants or needs. Just ask the hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs who have tried their bright ideas and found that they flopped. The business coach can offer the same rounded, guiding hand to a  business vision that a music producer provides to a song.  He can support them to turn it into a hit.

The next step is to look at what the business needs to complete its current phase of development, or transition to the next phase. This may require the introduction of processes to improve efficiency, or systems to improve financial control and reporting. It may mean analysing the sales cycle in order to learn from past practices and improve the closing rate. These are all specialist functions in large organizations. In small and medium-sized businesses they require a more generalised approach. The business coaching solutions process is about unpacking what comes next and what to do about it. Perhaps you can solve it there and then between you, perhaps you need to call in another expert.

Neil brings his experience as an entrepreneur, business manager and coach. He works with small and medium-sized business owners to assess their full range of needs according to their current phase of development. He works with them to create solutions, or to identify the path to those solutions and which other expertise they might need.

The range of business coaching solutions

The range of business coaching solutions includes:

  • Clarifying vision, mission, strategy;
  • Creating processes to improve efficiency;
  • Developing systems to improve financial control and reporting;
  • Improving sales processes and techniques;
  • Identifying new market opportunities;
  • Aligning strategy with marketing channels.

A lot of what business owners do when they start out is common sense. Operating efficiently and effectively becomes more challenging as the business grows. You need a broader perspective. You need more specialised skills. You don’t have time to experiment too widely. You can afford to learn by trial-and-error early on. When the business grows you need your decisions to hit the mark more often. Neil’s business coaching solutions provide just that.

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