Sales coaching brings science into the art of sales!

EVERY SALES person knows the value of being the trusted advisor. Traditionally, you knew you had achieved that status when your client asked for your opinion on competitor products. This was proof that he or she trusted you and that you had the inside track. This was sufficient in the days when sales coaching taught the art of solutions selling, when salespeople were more sophisticated than buyers, and when products were more broadly differentiated.

In today’s competitive environment, buyers have become more sophisticated, information more readily available to them, and products less differentiated. The sales environment has gone from salespeople arriving with a product benefits presentation, to buyers arriving with a detailed list of requirements and price comparisons already done. This Harvard Business Review feature shows the latest research on this trend.

Sales coaching is the key to small business success

In most small businesses, sales is a hit-and-miss affair where deals are built on personal relationships. These relationships are important and valuable and should never be underestimated. Yet people move into and out of positions within a few years and so those relationships are less stable than they used to be. There are many more stakeholders in the decision-making process, many more reviews, much more competition. Decisions are taking longer and often the decision is no-decision. This calls for small and medium-sized businesses to bring more science into the art of selling. The sales management process, the prospecting process, the sales conversation and closing process. These are all areas that need constant conscious attention and improvement. Attention that sales coaching provides.

Neil has a track record in achieving sales growth for a range of small businesses. He is accredited to deliver a number of NQF Level 5 sales training programs. He has coached both sales and procurement managers for large corporates. He is highly skilled and effective in sales coaching for improved performance.

The sales coaching process can include:

  • Consulting to refine the sales process;
  • Workshops and one-on-one coaching.

Sales coaching outcomes include:

  • Improved prospecting;
  • Enhanced sales interview techniques;
  • Meaningful sales conversations;
  • Sustainable levels of motivation and performance.

Neil offers a personalised sales coaching service. He guarantees greater, sustained levels of motivation and performance. A measurement process is defined upfront and results are assessed on a regular basis throughout and after the process.

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