The conscious leader accepts the irony of life.

She knows, for example, that the situation she most fears and tries to protect herself from, is the situation she thereby creates. She knows too that the thing she seeks (in place of the thing she fears) is seeking her, and she only has to let go of fear and self-protection for the thing she seeks to find her.

She has seen that the things she teaches are the things she most needs to learn; that overcoming is really about surrender; deciding is really about letting go; and victory is allowing yourself to be shaped by defeat.

She distrusts those who are too certain, for she knows that they will be turned upside down by the wheel of life, which is full of irony.

She is always on the lookout for the ironic twists in any situation, and this helps her to see what she may be missing.

The conscious leader is seldom blindsided by events because she has an eye open for irony.

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