The conscious leader is skilled at persuasion.

She knows that persuasion is not about convincing, nor manipulating, but rather letting the other person come to the conclusion by themselves.  For this reason she shares her vision for what she wants to sell and invites the other person to come along for the ride. She knows that emotion is more persuasive than logic and so she is confident that her genuine connection with them will bring reward.

She listens to understand, acknowledges to create equality, agrees  to anything that helps the overall outcome, and when she asks her closing question, she keeps quiet and waits. She does not ruin it by speaking again. She allows the other person all the time they need as she knows that as long as they are silent they are doing the work for her.

She is not afraid that she only has one chance, but rather sees persuasion as the natural consequence of a relationship, and knows that relationship is built over many visits.

The conscious leader knows that as soon as she pushes to convince, she has lost the battle.


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