The conscious leader avoids blame.

She knows that making a decision or taking a stand for something does not automatically mean you have to blame someone. You do not have to make everyone wrong who does not agree with you. She has seen that this habit of the reactive mind is destructive and leads to false accusations and unnecessary conflict.


The conscious leader knows that each person is responsible for their half of any relationship and that it’s possible to take a stand, or to walk away from a relationship, without blame. After all, they’re the same person whom you hired or partnered with in the first place. They have not changed. Only your expectations have not been met. Or perhaps you have grown enough not to need them anymore. Now you can make a different choice.

The conscious leader is takes responsibility for their choice to have entered the relationship in the first place, and for the mistakes that she herself has made.

The conscious leader takes a stand without casting blame.


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