The conscious leader seeks congruence.

She has found that the possibility exists for her inner knowing to be honoured by her decisions and actions.

She sees that, when being congruent, she does not go against her own truth for the sake of expedience, looking good, or pleasing others. She has learned that congruence can coexist with grace and diplomacy.

She knows that when the image she has of herself is matched by what she does in the world, and is reflected by what other people say about her, that is a sign of congruence.

Her experience tells her that congruence is not as easy as it should be. It requires a consistent willingness to say no, and a constant re-evaluation of motive and action.

The reward for congruence is a quiet, clear mind, and all her energy focused on what matters.

The conscious leader becomes a force for clarity by being a hunter whose prey is congruence.

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