The conscious leader recognises avoidance.

She sees that each person avoids dealing with reality in a particular way. Some avoid failure at all costs, others avoid people to the same degree; some avoid rules, even just for the sake of it, and others avoid breaking any, ever.

She accepts that each of those people, early on, learned to survive, or save face, or find their place, by avoiding those particular things. She sees, too, that people filter evidence to support the way they have become, based on those things that they learned to avoid. I failed once, and they never let me forget, says the one. I trusted someone, and they broke my heart, says the next. I followed the rules, and got punished anyway, says the third. I followed the rules, and that’s how I survived, says the fourth.

She has compassion for people’s avoidances, yet she doesn’t buy into them. She asks them to look also for the evidence that proves them wrong, not only that which proves them right.

The conscious leader challenges people to face with courage the things that they habitually avoid.

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