The conscious leader knows that everything starts with belief.

He knows that reasons follow belief. He has seen that people believe their reasons to be the causes of events, when really the cause is often outside of the reasons. The reasons come after the fact, as explanations to satisfy the mind.

He has seen that when things are not working out, those people who get stuck with their reasons—who believe their reasons too strongly—don’t move forward.

He always asks, “What unacknowledged belief is being served by this person remaining stuck?” He roots out the belief and challenges it. He is like the woodcutter who cuts the trunk of the tree, not the branches.

When the person listens and gets it, their whole life changes. He knows that without seeing what belief you are serving, you go around in circles and repeat the same patterns forever.

The conscious leader has a lever that can move mountains, because he works at the level of belief.

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