People development is a duty, a privilege and an investment!

COMPANIES ARE in a unique position to develop people and thereby have a positive impact on the society of which they are a part. The organisations that do invest in people development reap massive rewards. Some are measurable, some not. Neil offers tailor-made  people development and high performance coaching programs that are designed to shift staff into high levels of engagement, and beyond, to achieve their full potential.

People development programs

Neil offers people development programs that cover the following themes:

  • Diagnostics and performance Neil is a licensed practitioner for the Ennea International (Five Lens Development Platform) suite of products. He is skilled in delivering this powerful, ground-breaking diagnostic tool and its implementation programs.
  • Communication & presentation skills Having been a personal development and coach trainer for a number of years, Neil trains individuals and groups in the highest level of coaching communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as presentation skills. Improved communication styles lead to improved individual and team performance.
  • Diversity and inclusion Workshops and one-on-one coaching to create the space where people can safely explore cultural diversity issues and support them to adopt a new, collaborative way of leading and working.
  • On-boarding Coaching is a powerful process for executives moving into a new company or new role.

The range of people development solutions includes:

  • Leadership, coaching and mentoring solutions, including:
    • Developing self-leadership and the ability to delegate;
    • Developing a coaching style of leading and mentoring others.
  • Improving performance in all areas through:
    • Alignment of business and personal values;
    • Time management and productivity;
    • Initiative, decision-making and accountability;
    • Staff loyalty, pride, trust and recognition;
    • Talent management programs.

People development programs are delivered through:

  • One-on-one coaching and/or mentoring;
  • Leadership development workshops;
  • Diagnostics and performance-related tools and programs;
  • Group coaching and coaching circles;
  • Coach training and mentoring.

People development programs are often the last investment that most small businesses consider. Yet often a business solution fails at the hands of leadership styles, people and performance management issues, a lack of talent management and internal communications problems. People development programs are designed to address these issues for a positive return on investment.

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