The conscious leader has integrity.

She makes promises, and strives to keep them. She invites others to make commitments too, and she holds them to those commitments.

However, she does not enforce this as a rule by which to judge and punish herself and others.

First, she knows that by committing to a decision or a path she invokes the support of life, and that by staying on the path, come what may, she will achieve her result.

She has faith that she will also win a greater prize: becoming her authentic self. For she knows that when you give your word, you draw a line in the sand, a line by which you define who you are committed to be. You set a path for yourself.

She knows that every deviation from that path you have set for yourself comes with a story, a reason, a justification. She knows that these stories are the lies we tell ourselves to keep ourselves small. Instead of believing them, she exposes them to herself, and hence she stays on the path, and grows to become her true, authentic self.

Having integrity to her word is her version of an aeroplane’s guidance system that constantly pulls itself back on course.


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