The conscious leader is generous with permission.

She knows that most people’s struggle is not to decide what they really want. She has found that people do know what they want. Their struggle is to ask for, or grant themselves, permission to go out and get it.

She knows that even a child can figure out what they need to do to achieve a goal, and they will do it with better care and attention the more permission they have.

She feels instinctively that permission is the key that unlocks all the creative power of the universe and she is not afraid to use it. She has seen that truly creative people do not abuse it when it is granted.

She recognizes that granting permission also means permission to make mistakes and she is not afraid of that—not for herself, nor for others. She knows that success follows mistakes as inevitably as the sun follows the night.

The conscious leader leverages her and other people’s time and talent by granting permission.

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