The conscious leader welcomes motion.

She has witnessed that life cannot be controlled and that nothing in life stands still.

She has seen that people who insist on too much routine, or blind obedience to rules, or their way of doing things, are often just resisting the motion, and therefore the flow, that is inherent in life itself.

She has noticed that the word motion is inside the word emotion and holds up the notion that emotion is energy, or life, in motion. After all, she has seen how emotions can lead us into action—and sometimes get us into trouble!

She knows that the more motion a person can handle, the more life they can handle. She trusts these people to take on creative and adventurous tasks, even if they lack experience. She knows that through their very motion they will quickly learn what they need to.

The conscious leader reinforces her trust in people and in life by embracing continuous motion.

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