The conscious leader practices inner authority.

The conscious leader knows that people will not follow a person who they see has no control over herself. Instead they see the advantage and manipulate that person into her vulnerable state until she overreacts and loses power. She can only fight back by pulling out the contract or title that stamps her official authority on the situation.

The person who practices inner authority has no such need. She knows that authority is not a thing that is pulled out of a drawer and held like a mace or a sword, pointed at someone else. Real authority is authority over her own unconscious reactions. It is an inner practice of awareness and self-direction that is maintained through commitment and discipline. She knows that when she practices this form of inner authority, then authority over others follows naturally.

She is one step ahead of herself and therefore two steps ahead of anyone who tries to find her weakness. Challenges to her authority simply don’t stick to her.

The conscious leader has earned respect and lives her inner authority.


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