The conscious leader focuses on the outcome.

She knows that politics takes over when people are not focused on a challenging outcome that involves something outside of themselves.

When energy is not compelled outwards, it does not sit around waiting; it collapses, it goes inward. When people are not operating outside of their comfort zone towards a challenging goal that involves serving others, they soon start to focus on their problems.

When people are genuinely committed to a challenging outcome – like real, world-class quality service, for example – they willingly operate outside of their defined roles. They take on more than is asked of them and do more than is required. They don’t take things personally and they don’t make it personal.

The conscious leader knows that a true commitment to a goal that is greater than any one individual, that involves contributing to something outside of the person or group, is sufficient to deal with a host of the usual workplace problems.

A conscious leader knows that she must inspire people towards an outcome in order to lead.


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