Self-Coaching Online | Bolt-On Session

This option is exclusively for clients using the Self-Coaching Online program. 

This option is available for you to use if you’ve signed up for one of the Self-Coaching Online programs and you’re really stuck and not moving forward towards your main goal. You’ve tried the set of coaching questions that you got in Session 2 and either you’re just not getting it, or the range of questions is not working to get you unstuck. You need some additional input to get you moving again. If this is you, then you may book and pay for one 45-minute bolt-on session with Neil at this special rate.

Once you have purchased this option, you’ll receive access to a calendar (check your Order Confirmation email for the link) where you can set up a time for your online one-on-one session.

Self-Coaching Online is an online self-coaching version of the Personal Effectiveness Coaching (Life and Executive) programs. It includes various contact points with Neil. 

The Bolt-On Session includes: 

1 x 45-minute Coaching Session with Neil via agreed online platform.

NOTE This product is for Self-Coaching Online clients only.