The Budget-Friendly Coaching Solution!

Coach yourself online with this affordable program! You’ll get to engage at your preferred pace—and price—and still enjoy a number of contact points with me, Neil, as your coach. In addition to achieving your goals and broadening your awareness, by taking yourself through the self-coaching online you’ll learn a process that you can use, even after you’ve finished.

NOTE This page is for the life coaching version. Click here for the executive version.

self-coaching online life coaching

MANY PEOPLE find the investment of time and money for coaching prohibitive. I’m often asked whether coaching is covered by medical insurance—it’s not. In many cases, a company will sponsor the coaching, but often only for senior executives or people earmarked for that level, or for a leadership role. In order to make coaching more broadly accessible, I decided to create this, the Self-Coaching Online program—both the Life and the Executive versions. Whichever version you choose, it’s designed to give you all the awareness introductions you’d gain from a regular, live coaching program, plus it provides a structure for you to follow—and questions you can use—that, if applied intelligently and with diligence, will enable you to find the answers you’d normally get from having a coach sitting in front of you.

Of course, the reason why people engage a coach is to have someone listen skillfully and ask the right questions. Therefore, I’ve made sure that, by choosing the self-coaching online program, you won’t be entirely alone. You’ll be able to submit questions and check your progress along the way—to see if you’re asking and answering the coaching questions correctly. Your submissions will get my personal attention, and I’ll make sure you gain confidence in your ability to coach yourself as you progress.

Self-Coaching Online | Sample Video

Each session within the Self-Coaching Online program contains at least one instruction video related to that session’s theme. Here is a sample video, which is the introduction video for Session 1. The theme for this session is Getting Motivated.

Self-Coaching Online | Sample Audio

Below is a sample audio track. It’s the “Monitor & Record” homework instructions for Session 4. The theme for this session is Your Power to Create. Each downloadable PDF document is accompanied by an audio track, which enables you to listen instead of read.

Self-Coaching Online | Sample Session

This link will take you to a sample session (Session 3 from the Executive course). The theme for this session is Working with Values.

The Self-Coaching Online program will improve personal effectiveness

The Self-Coaching Online program is designed to improve your personal effectiveness, both in the short and long term. It will work for you if you’re already fairly well-balanced and moving forward in your life, and you’d like to take things up a level. You’ll need to have a reasonable level of self-awareness for this process to work.

The Self-Coaching Online program will not work if you’re suffering from anxiety or depression or any psychological disorder that is currently affecting your ability to perform. For that, you first need to see a psychologist. When that’s sorted, then you can use this program to help get you back on track again. If you’re dealing with complex issues, like extricating yourself from a family business that is wrought with politics, you might also struggle to get your result from this program, unless you already have a high level of self-awareness and/or you’ve received coaching before.

So, the Self-Coaching Online program is for you if you’re reasonably self-aware and self-motivated, you’ve done at least some self-reflection and some work on yourself, and you want to take your personal effectiveness to the next level. Perhaps you’re looking to improve your personal discipline and performance, your relationships and your general sense of fulfillment from life—then you’d be looking at the Life version. Or perhaps you seek to build the courage and confidence to take the next big step in your business or career, or to improve your leadership performance—then you’d go for the Executive version.

Will Self-Coaching Online work for me?

Below is a checklist of possible areas of challenge that the Self-Coaching Online program will help you with.

Life and/or Executive version

These issues are covered by both the Life and the Executive versions of the program. Choose the Life version if all your objectives are taken care of by this list (i.e. if none of your objectives are on the Executive list further down). 

  • You find yourself consistently setting goals, or trying to change habits, and then not following through;

  • You find yourself making decisions that often don’t serve you;

  • You become easily discouraged when things don’t work out;

  • You become easily bored once you’ve had the great idea and now you need to follow through;

  • You’re facing a career crossroads or other life-stage decision point and you need to create clarity for yourself;

  • You want to stop procrastinating and move your life forward in a sustainable, consistent and inspiring way;

  • You want to improve how you show up in your relationships and in life in general;

Executive version

These issues are covered only by the Executive version of the program. Choose the Executive version if any or all of your objectives are on this list.

  • You’ve recently been promoted and you find yourself having to manage people who were once your peers;

  • You’re leading a team—or even a whole department or division—at work and you need some help dealing with the people aspect;

  • You’re destined for greater things at your company and you want to get yourself ready.

How is the Self-Coaching Online program structured?

The Self-Coaching Online program consists of 12 sessions which you can conduct in your own time.

Each session consists of four sections, which are detailed in the tabs below:

What contact will I have with a real-life coach?

You’ll never be left completely on your own. There are various contact points with me throughout the program. 

The contact points with me will be as follows:

  • First off, I’ll personally review the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the process so that you can be confident that what you’re working on is challenging, inspiring, meaningful and measurable.
  • Second, you’ll be able to ask one question at the end of each session with regards to your understanding and application of the session theme.
  • In addition, you’ll get three chances to report on your self-coaching process to do with your main goals to see if you’re on track, if you’re doing it right, and to get feedback and guidance from me.
  • Finally, if you’re still having difficulty, you’ll be able to book an online (Skype/FaceTime) session with me, which you’ll get at a “50% off” discounted rate as a result of your being a participant in this program.

What’s more, the program is modular and the different elements get repeated. This means you’ll be able to apply the process and coach yourself once you’ve finished. In addition, when you’ve completed the program, you’ll gain access to a set of masterclasses. More importantly, you’ll know how to get the best out of those based on the process you’ll have learned by participating in this program.

What are you waiting for?

“Winning all the top 2007 PRISM Awards for PR Excellence was the final exclamation point and validation of the coaching work that Neil had done with me some months earlier – plus my company enjoyed its best year ever in revenue terms.”

Marcus Brewster, CEO, Marcus Brewster Publicity

“I believe in myself more and have more confidence as a direct result of coaching with Neil. I would recommend the process for anyone looking to achieve a similar goal. It’s made a big difference to my life and career.”

Neil Naidoo, Wesbank Auto

“Coaching with Neil has added enormous value in terms of my career as an entrepreneur and consultant. My ability to evaluate opportunities and make good decisions is better than ever—plus I have more time with my family!”

James Martin, Vantage Holdings

“I found the interventions massively beneficial and my level of awareness in particular is at an all time high. The benefits of this and the visible impact on my business and personal life are immense.”

Coll Macdonald, Invent Hospitality

“Coaching with Neil was tough, but it helped me to focus on what I want out of situations and people, at home and at work. Also, to create definable steps towards the lifestyle I desire and the person I aspire to be.”

Dirk Wilson, Entrepreneur

“The impact on my personal and work-life has been amazing. Taking control of what happens to me has changed me from a victim into a successful leader at work and a happier being with success in all areas of my life.”

Marpie Betts

“Stimulating, awakening, cutting to your inner, hidden self. Rewarding, very worthwhile, very necessary. The process is important to experience if you are truly looking to better yourself.”

Athol McLean, Chiropractor

“I attended [the Authentic Success Program] looking for answers to improve my life. I leave knowing that I held the answers all the time, I just have to apply a few simple principles in order to activate them.”

Guy Johnstone, Hotelier

“Neil was brilliant at presenting [the Authentic Success Program] and supported us through the process. I am confident that it will send me on the life path I have been seeking for so long.”

Jeremy Kropman, Engineer

“Even if you think you don’t need ‘authentic success’ you are ready for this program. It will open up a new world of possibility you never knew existed. I would recommend it for anybody looking to improve their life.”

John Mullins, Coach

“The experience opens one’s eyes to the possibility of taking control of one’s future – not being a rudderless ship but rather one that is on course in the sea of life. I’m sure it will make a difference for others too.”

Grant Back, Pilot