Self-Coaching Handbook | Support Module

This option is exclusively for clients completing the program using the Personal Effectiveness Self-Coaching Handbook (Life version)

This option is available for you to use if you’ve purchased or received the Personal Effectiveness Self-Coaching Handbook (Life version) and you want to: (a) check your Outcomes Statements for your Main Goals in Session 1; or (b) you’ve reached the self-coaching section in Session 2 or later, and you need some additional input to get you moving again. If either of these situations describe where you’re at, then you may use this option to submit your responses for review. In addition, you may submit one question per session using the Session Theme Question option. You’ll get a reply within 48 hours.

This Handbook Support Module includes: 

1 x opportunity to submit your responses to the Defining Your Personal Outcomes exercise in Chapter/Session 1
2 x opportunities to submit your responses to the Self-Coaching | My Main Goal: Taking the Next Step exercises that are in Chapter/Session 2 onwards
12 x opportunities to submit a question (one per session) in response to the Self-Coaching: Session Theme exercises that are presented directly after the session theme in each session. 

NOTE Once you’ve purchased this option, you’ll get access to a Course called the Handbook Support Module | Life. When you log in to that course, you’ll be guided to submit your responses. Neil will review them and reply on the same platform within 48 hours.

The Personal Effectiveness Self-Coaching Handbook is a book version of the Personal Effectiveness Coaching (Life) program. It’s available in print and e-book formats.  

NOTE This product is for Self-Coaching Handbook (Life version) clients only.