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Welcome to The Conscious Leader  Series!

THE MAXIMS in this series are my attempts to reach into the wisdom tradition of the ancient sages and apply the direct seeing of things as they are to the modern leadership context.

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The Conscious Leader : #07 Integrity

The conscious leader has integrity.

She makes promises, and strives to keep them. She encourages others to make commitments too, and to honour them.

She knows that by committing to a decision or a path she creates a container for her energy, and that by sticking to that decision, by staying on that path, come what may, she keeps that container sealed. The pressure of the belief in her own self-efficacy grows.

She knows that a tiny pinprick is enough to burst a balloon; the smallest hole can drain all the water from a bucket. In the same way, breaking her word can drain all the energy from a commitment, and she can end up back with the same old habits, the same old problems.

She knows that when the pressure to break her word is greatest, that’s when she must hold firm. She knows that the pressure is temporary; it will pass.

The conscious leader builds her personal power by maintaining the integrity of her word.

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The Conscious Leader : #08 Self-Leadership

The conscious leader practices self-leadership.

He is reminded every time he flies that you should fit your own oxygen mask first. This reminds him in turn that you should remove the log from your own eye so that you can see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

He knows that no person chooses to show up with faults and shortcomings and a negative attitude. These are the result of conditioning, and of being unconscious about that conditioning.

He also knows that whatever is showing up in others, he can only see because it’s present in him. The details may differ, but it’s there. He looks for it and deals with it in himself first. Then he looks to see if it’s still showing up in the other.

Before saying anything, the conscious leader leads by example and lets the other see the change in him. Only if this doesn’t work, does he say something.

The conscious leader leads himself first, the better to lead others.

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The Conscious Leader : #09 Timing

The conscious leader knows when to act and when to wait.

He feels in tune with the rhythm of time and how things happen. Some things require instant action to get them going, while others require patience and timing—you need to wait for the right forces to come together. Some things take care of themselves.

He develops his sense of time and timing through disciplined practice. By choosing certain activities, then doing them at the same time every day, every week, every month, he gets a feel for how quickly those periods recur and what is required to match that rhythm of time.

He observes, like a scientist, the pace at which things happen around him until he develops an inner sense of the rhythm of life; it becomes as familiar as his own heartbeat, and he uses it the way a tracker uses his innate sense of nature to hunt his prey. Like the tracker, he has his ear to the ground of time.

The conscious leader combines discipline and sensitivity to develop his sense of impeccable timing.

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The Conscious Leader : #10 Motive

The conscious leader is mindful of motive.

She knows that when people lobby for a decision, they often present a false motive. They say it’s for the greater good, when really, it’s for themselves. They say it’s for the pleasure, when really, it’s for the money.

She knows that decisions can have unintended consequences—you make a play to entrench your power, for example, and you get ousted instead—and that a person’s true motive inevitably gets revealed through such events. The truth will out, as they say.

A false or misguided motive is a danger to any project, and so she carefully examines the motives of those who are for, and those who are against, just as she examines her own motives too.

She makes sure that the motive is always to achieve the greatest possible good for all levels of life, and not just some local agenda.

The conscious leader saves trouble by taking the time she needs to understand everybody’s motive.

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The Conscious Leader : #11 Temperance

The conscious leader exercises temperance.

He knows that if something is good, then more of the same is not necessarily better.

He has seen that a small fire can warm a room; a large one will burn down the house. A few carrots can make a man healthy; too many can turn him orange. He has also seen that people throw the baby out with the bathwater too soon, and too often. One bad experience at a place and they never go back. One mistake from a worker or supplier and they never trust again.

These are overreactions born of ignorance.

He knows that small increments and light touches can make a big difference. He plays the long game, which is like watering a garden for a few minutes a day rather than flooding it once a month. He believes that people deserve a second chance.

The conscious leader treats all beings as he would be treated: with the light touch of temperance.

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The Conscious Leader : #12 Outcome Focus

The conscious leader focuses on the outcome.

She knows that when people are not focused on a challenging outcome, they soon start to focus on their own problems, and politics takes over.

She has noticed that when people are genuinely committed to a challenging outcome that involves something above and beyond themselves, they willingly operate outside of their defined roles. They take on more than is asked of them and do more than is required. They don’t take things personally nor make it personal when giving feedback to others.

She knows that a genuine outcome focus is sufficient to deal with a host of the usual workplace problems.

The conscious leader inspires people by pointing them towards an outcome that is greater than themselves.

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