The conscious leader knows when to act and when to wait.

He feels in tune with the rhythm of time and how things happen. Some things require instant action to get them going, while others require patience and timing—you need to wait for the right forces to come together. Some things take care of themselves.

He develops his sense of time and timing through disciplined practice. By choosing certain activities, then doing them at the same time every day, every week, every month, he gets a feel for how quickly those periods recur and what is required to match that rhythm of time.

He observes, like a scientist, the pace at which things happen around him until he develops an inner sense of the rhythm of life; it becomes as familiar as his own heartbeat, and he uses it the way a tracker uses his innate sense of nature to hunt his prey. Like the tracker, he has his ear to the ground of time.

The conscious leader combines discipline and sensitivity to develop his sense of impeccable timing.

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