The Conscious Leader : #05 Flexibility

The conscious leader is firm, and knows when to be flexible. He has noticed that trees stand strong for centuries only because they can flex in the storm. He knows that skyscrapers are built with flexible steel to survive the high winds they must endure. And cars are made safer with crumple zones. He accepts that life and other people, and forces beyond the realm of your awareness, will inevitably blow across your path like winds, and if you behave like the tree that cannot flex, you will snap. [...]

The Conscious Leader : #03 People

The conscious leader focuses on people. She knows that while numbers drive efficiency, they do not talk about experience; and when the experience is right, the numbers will inevitably follow. She has seen that when accountants are let loose, you get too many tables (in the restaurant) and not enough cooks; you get cheap cutlery, and fake flowers, because you can’t put a number on ambience. You also get staff who don’t care quite as much. She accepts that numbers provide useful information, but should not drive every decision; [...]

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