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Book | Personal Effectiveness Self-Coaching Handbook


Coach yourself to improve your personal effectiveness and become the best version of yourself that you can be! 

THIS HANDBOOK is a perfect companion for anybody embarking on a personal development journey, especially if your aim is to develop high performance in your life and to make sure you realise your full potential as a human being.

Its 311 pages contain all the best coaching content and tools that the author has uncovered and/or developed for his clients during fifteen years of practice. There are 12 chapters in the book, just as there are 12 sessions in a standard coaching Program. In fact, it is a coaching program! In a book! It even includes coaching questions that you can ask yourself. That means you’ll learn a process that you can continue to apply throughout your life. So, yes, this book will set you free!

It’s a coaching program! In a book!

There are also various online contact points possible with the author, in the form of the Handbook Support Program and/or the Self-Coaching Bolt-On Session.

The chapters—which are referred to as sessions—are jam-packed with clearly marked scientific references, key concepts, real-life examples, and exercises to do while reading. The themes covered are: Getting Motivated; Know Yourself (Personality); Working with Values; Your Power to Create; Decision & Commitment; Story & Reality; Taking Responsibility; Working with Emotions; The “Red Zone”; The State of Flow; The Habit of Completion; Legacy & Lifestyle.



Coach yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be, with the self-coaching handbook version of the Personal Effectiveness coaching program! 

About the author:
NEIL BIERBAUM has been a life and executive coach since 2005 and has practised and taught meditation for more than 20 years. He has worked with corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs and private clients—supporting them to manage the enormous stress and increasing complexity in their lives and to make sure they achieve their full potential as human beings in an uncertain world.

Here’s an excerpt from the Preface:
THE JOURNEY to write this book began some thirty-odd years ago, when I told my father, after a year of articles, that I did not want to become an accountant, but a writer. I had a burning hunger to understand life and to write about it.

It took a few spectacular coincidences—or blessings from above—for me to find a steady path and enjoy a successful career as a journalist and, ultimately, a magazine editor. Still, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to understand life, properly. During that time, a magazine crossed my desk with a feature on men who called themselves coaches and did this thing of sharing wisdom with others. I had never thought to do that, but when I saw the possibility, I was on board.

Every day of my journey as a coach, everything I’ve seen and learned, I’ve treated as research. I’ve added it to the pile of knowledge and wisdom that I’ve gained—not only through practising coaching, but also living it, trying it, testing it and seeing what works to improve your personal effectiveness. I’ll unpack that term properly in this book, but for now you can take it to mean successfully managing yourself through the vicissitudes of life. Knowing what’s going on and knowing that you know what you’re doing. Being able to manage yourself in any situation. Being the best person you can be, both in life and in business.

Every day, I’ve wanted to take that knowledge and wisdom and share it by writing—one form of which would be an effective self-help book, one that I would have wanted to read, one that would have made a difference for me. I’ve held the belief that if I approach it in this way, it will be effective for others. So, after many years and many attempts, this is my offering.

Here’s the chapter list:
About Coaching

About Personal Effectiveness
How to Use This Book
1 | Getting Motivated
2 | Know Yourself
3 | Working with Values
4 | Your Power to Create
5 | Decision & Commitment
6 | Story & Reality
7 | Taking Responsibility
8 | Working with Emotions
9 | The Red Zone
10 | The State of Flow
11 | The Habit of Completion
12 | Legacy & Lifestyle
Epilogue | True Leadership

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311 pages

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