Getting Motivated (5 of 5) | Agitation, Stress — Could You Care Less?

The world is in a mad rush. Everybody wants everything yesterday. Welcome to the state of agitation, the precursor to stress. It’s a bad neighbourhood, and not one you should care to hang around in.   IF YOU’VE ever been stuck in traffic when you’re running late for a meeting—and presuming you’re not a Zen monk—you’ll recognise the state of agitation. It’s that state when you’re pushing hard against life to make things happen within a certain time, or in a certain way, and life is having none of [...]

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Why Mindfulness, Why Now?

Mindfulness has reached a tipping point of awareness and people are asking why, what’s the fuss all about? Here is one important suggested reason. MANY PEOPLE have asked the question that makes up the header of this article: Why mindfulness, why now? This post suggests one important reason: the state of the world right now. Most people will agree that the world is a pretty topsy-turvy place at the moment. Election results are unexpected. Think Brexit, and Trump. Terrorist attacks are unpredictable. Think London, Paris, Ariana Grande. New companies [...]

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Insights #4: There’s Nothing Wrong With You!

  INTROVERTS HAVE this one the worst. When you're out there with the gregarious, the ebullient, the always-delighted, and you are forced to play along, you are likely to tell yourself you should be like them, that your life would be easier or better if you were that way. You might even think there’s something wrong with you. Making yourself wrong and beating yourself up internally is a pointless thing to do. It’s a repeat of the familiar – what you get from your parents as children you take to be [...]

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