DILS 2012 | 25 Leadership Quotes (1 of 5)

This week I'm publishing my selection of the 25 (five a day) best or most relevant quotes from the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit (DILS) 2012. Quotes from: Adrian Gore, Garry Kasparov, Pravin Gordhan, Prof Tim Noakes, Sir Terry Leahy, Michael Porter and Tony Blair. Provide the best summary of the themes and your response will get published next week!

Wisdom 101: #1 Speak Your Mind

A powerful aura surrounds the person who speaks their truth without hesitation WHAT IS your truth? Does such a thing even exist? Take an example from your own life, if you dare to: identify one thing you’re currently doing for the sake of maintaining appearances. Perhaps it’s a business partnership you want to get out of, but you don’t and you have a hundred reasons why not. How much energy is it costing you? If you were free to do what you want with regards to that thing, what choice [...]

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