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Relationship Coaching | Couples Program (Monthly x 4)


Relationship coaching involves a series of six coaching sessions, taken individually and together, in which you learn to use powerful and effective coaching tools to communicate more effectively, understand each other better and improve your relationship.

Selecting this option will enable you to pay R3,450.00 per month over four months. 

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Relationship Coaching | Couples Program

Welcome to this unique program, which is designed specifically for couples who find that they are talking past each other and who wish to reduce conflict and create alignment. It’s a solid investment that will give you your best chance to restore harmony in your relationship before the last-ditch resort of counselling. You’ll rapidly gain a deep mutual understanding of each other’s trigger points and learn some valuable communication and self-management tools for navigating your way around those, without either party having to compromise who they are. 

The Relationship Coaching Couples Program includes: 

1 x 24-page Enneagram (Five Lens) Personal Feedback Report (per person)
1 x 90-minute Enneagram (Five Lens) Debrief (per person)
5 x Couples Sessions

This program will support you to:

  • Create awareness, clarity and agreement as to issues that need to be addressed
  • Improve understanding and tolerance of differences (personality styles, values)
  • Improve interpersonal communication and ability to reach understanding and agreement
  • Reignite commitment to a long-term, shared relationship vision

How does it work? 

The process will, firstly, get you both on the same page with regards to desired outcomes. Then you’ll each do a personality assessment and receive an individual debrief. After that, we’ll get you both together to share the key results in a safe context. You’ll learn about each other’s trigger points and what you can each do to manage yourselves and each other better around those. After a week or two of practice, we’ll get you both together again for a check-in and feedback session. In that session, you’ll learn to refine your practice, and be introduced to the next coaching tool. We’ll go through two more rounds like that. Sessions will be anywhere from 90 up to a maximum of 120 minutes and can be conducted in person when possible, or online. Sessions are held according to an agreed schedule, usually weekly/fortnightly. 

Is there a payment plan?

Payment plans include:

  • R3,450 ($230) a month over four* months (this option)
  • R9,950 ($665) upfront payment (30% discount) [SELECT]
*Commitment for the full four-month period is required. Maximum session frequency is monthly. 

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you find there’s no chemistry or are not satisfied with the results you’re getting after the first session, I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked. — Neil

Still not sure? Book a 45-minute telephone / online Chemistry Session with Neil. 

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