Look at your enemy correctly and you’ll see your Coach

OK, SO there’s one thing even harder to do than giving up being right. That’s to take the lesson that comes with it. The flipside of the being right coin is making someone else wrong – let’s call them our enemies, although often they’re actually our friends, even family. It’s amazing how fast a lover or business cohort can become an enemy, and it’s very satisfying, when a business deal or a marriage goes sour, to spend tons of energy keeping them on that enemy pedestal by making them wrong.

If you engage sincerely you will get an unexpected answer

Linear thinking says that things happen because of something else that happened in the past. Quantum thinking allows this possibility: that things happen to prepare us for something else that’s going to happen in the future. So when someone does you wrong, the thing to do is to give up blame and instead ask, What lesson can I learn here? What future could this be preparing me for? Maybe it’s to read the fine print next time; maybe to do your own quality checks. If you engage sincerely you will get an unexpected answer, and when you get it, the next thing is to thank that person for having been your Coach. Difficult? It’s the most difficult thing of all to do, and that’s precisely why it’s so powerful.