Maintain the integrity of who you say you are

IN SCIENTIFIC terms, a system has integrity when it is whole, complete, unimpaired: there are no leaks, in other words. If an electrical system loses its integrity – even for a millisecond – the whole thing shuts down. A bucket will run empty through even the tiniest hole. Human beings are individual systems operating within larger collective systems. Human systems are created by agreement, and we use language to do that – the spoken word. A system is compromised when a word is given, and not kept, whether to yourself or others, explicitly or implicitly.

The man who sticks most strongly to his own code, wins.

What’s the first thing that happens if a man doesn’t keep his word? He feels bad, his energy drops, he starts to beat himself up – all his energy leaks out. Enough damage already, but then he starts to negotiate with himself to make it OK; he finds reasons to justify and let himself get away with it. This keeps him down. He would regain his power if he owned up to himself what he has done – if he cleaned up his mess. Be gentle – with yourself and others – but don’t compromise, because the man (and the team) who sticks most strongly to his own code, wins. If you don’t believe me, read the biblical story of Samson.