Giving up being right is the doorway to freedom

THIS IS probably the most difficult thing on earth for any man (or woman) to do, and the one that’s most liberating. All the wars are fought because if this one, all the road rage caused by it, all the angry, bitter divorces, most of human suffering. Conversely the man who gets it right can call himself a hero, a man among men. It was for doing this that Nelson Mandela is so universally acknowledged and South Africa’s transition to democracy has inspired the world.

It’s most difficult when you know you’re right,
but then it’s even more liberating.

It’s most difficult when you know you’re right, but even then, it’s truly liberating. That issue you’re stewing over right now, that’s right, the one that’s making you so unhappy, the one you can’t see how you could possibly not be anything other than right about … give it up, right now. It doesn’t mean you make the other person right, you just let go of defending and accusing; agree to differ. When you give up making the other person wrong, the other person miraculously gives up defending and the whole conflict dissolves.

Let go of being right and you’ll find a new power within you, and a sense of liberation that will change your life.