If you stop being such a hero to the world, you’ll get more done

THERE’S A wisdom in us that’s active when we make decisions to do things that will lead to an increase – whether it be in health, wealth, or knowledge. Most often, however, we let small things become big ‘reasons’ that get in the way. We don’t make that business trip, for example, or take that weekend course, because there’s ‘just so much to do’ at the office, or at home.

Be purpose-driven, and life will take care of itself

Have you ever sat in a room and imagined that you weren’t in it? Do this now, and observe the stillness of the objects in the room you’re in. Now as important as you think you are, notice that they’d be like that – unmoved – for all the time you were gone, if you were really not there. You don’t matter to them. Likewise, when you’re not there, life sits quietly and waits (actually it doesn’t even wait, it just sits). Or it fills in the space the way water does after you remove yourself from it. (If you get sick, for example, and have to be rushed to hospital, someone steps in and takes care of the kids – and they get along just fine without you.) Sorry hero, you’re just not that important.

Be purpose-driven, and life will take care of itself.