Bad decisions don’t matter when you’ve taken care to be ten points ahead

DESPITE WHAT we profess, most of us are not even honest for something as small as being late for a meeting – we make excuses, like blaming the traffic. Sportsmen and women know that they should not blame the ref for an unfair decision two minutes before time, as a result of which they lose – deep down they know it wouldn’t have mattered if they’d been ten points ahead.

Likewise, if you take responsibility to start out earlier, to be the cause of getting to your destination ten minutes early, no matter what, you wouldn’t be late. On the other hand, if you play the game to cut it fine, always making it by just a few seconds, then you must take the rap when it doesn’t go your way.

See yourself as the cause of everything that happens in your life.

If you’re in a financial crisis, check and see, what could you have done to make sure you were ten points ahead so that the referee’s decision going against you didn’t cause you to lose the game? You don’t have to torture yourself over it, but it will give you power if you take responsibility. Own up to your part in where you are right now. See yourself as the cause of everything that happens in your life. You may just find that it’s true on the upside as well – that you are in fact powerful enough to make good things happen too.