The real sessions in life are seldom the ones we want

WHEN WE learn the sessions in life that we think we need to learn, we generally learn nothing at all. The real sessions we need to learn are the sessions that life has in store for us. You know when you’re due for your NEXT SESSION: it’s when you’re resisting some or other change. You find yourself stuck, defending your position, trying with all your might to hold on and control what should happen next.

When you’re driving a car, the sooner you react to a sudden change in circumstances, the less likely you are to crash. When you’re slow to react – because you’ve been driving too fast, had your attention elsewhere, or the obstacle has arisen suddenly – then there’s a chance that once you react, your car will go into a slide. In a real slide, the correct thing to do is to point the front wheels in the direction you want to go, and keep your foot off the brake. And wait. It’s when you touch your foot on the brake that you’re likely to spin and roll. There’s nothing else you can do, but wait until it’s all over, then check for damage, and deal with the fallout.

Change is truly exciting if you have an attitude of faith and trust

In life, when you’re in a state of flux, it’s a situation with many variables that you can do nothing about. Instead of trying to control everything, keep your mind fixed on where you want to go; give up trying to control or stop the things you cannot control (like what he or she thinks or feels), and wait. See what’s left when it stops, then pick up the pieces.

When we emerge from the wreckage of change we have the lesson that life wants us to learn. It’s seldom the lesson we wanted to learn and that’s why it took a crash to get us to learn it. Some of the greatest inventions and discoveries happened quite by accident. We can never predict what beauty or genius comes out of a new set of variables that follows change. Change is truly exciting if we have an attitude of faith and trust. Do you trust life, or only yourself? If only yourself, then please make more trees grow, and stop global warming while you’re at it!