Being uncertain is the launching pad for personal power

If there’s anything you’re certain about, anything you’re 100% sure that that’s the way life is, that’s the way God made us, then you can be certain about one thing more: that you’re fooling yourself. What you take as the absolute truth is simply the current  limit of your world, of what you believe is possible. It’s your ‘flat earth’ statement, and you just haven’t sailed beyond the limits yet to test it.

Ne plus ultra is a Latin term that means ‘not further beyond’. It referred to the point beyond which sailors would not sail their ships for fear of being swallowed by monsters or falling off the edge of the earth. We each have a ne plus ultra in our minds, the point in our beliefs beyond which we’re not willing to go.

When you go beyond that point, you’re
left with nothing but pure possibility

Going beyond our ne plus ultra is the scariest thing. Beyond it lies nothing but pure possibility. When you give up certainty, you’re left with only you; you realise that you don’t run the universe and you don’t define God, and that’s pretty humbling for most of us. It’s also the launch pad for personal power, because you start facing the problems as they are – or rather, the problem as it is, the problem of you – instead of the problem being ‘out there’ somewhere. Just as the limit for sailors was never the earth, it was always what they held to be certain in their minds.

Being uncertain about the things you’re certain about will start to dissolve your limitations.