Uncover your act, before life does it for you!

Riding a motorcycle at high speeds, climbing mountains, getting into a shootout – these are things that many men will do bravely. But ask us to expose ourselves – to drop our act – in an authentic workshop setting and it’s, ‘No way!’ A man would sooner drop his pants in public than drop his act. In fact, if he dropped his pants, he would turn that into an act!

Your act is the persona that you present yourself to be. More than that, it’s the persona that you believe yourself to be.

Let’s say you’re the lone ranger,  the one who arrives late for every party, perhaps unattached, or with a new girl every time, and everyone wonders where you’ve been; you leave early too, and dash off into the night, alone most times, and everyone’s left wondering what you’ll be up to, wishing it was them having so much fun.

Their imaginations are more fertile than the reality. For you it’s lonely out there; there’s not really that much going on. Still, you can’t drop the act, because it’s you, after all! Or is it? In fact, the act – your persona – is not really you, but has a life of its own. It’s a psychological construct that occupies you, that grips you by the scruff of the neck and leads you through life, presenting itself as the real you. Read on!

Life is designed to inevitably expose your act as an act

Trying to see the real you behind your persona is like trying to beat your own reflection in a mirror. The persona, like the reflection, moves with you, too fast for you to detach from it. It’s that tricky. So how do you know what’s your act and what’s you?

People have reported feeling separated from their bodies during trauma, like their soul lifted out of their body. There’s actually an ancient esoteric ritual designed to give the initiate the experience of falling to his death. During this short fall he is so convinced that he’s going to die that for a split second he actually has the experience of his soul separating from his body. He comes out of it convinced of the existence of the soul.

Life is filled with little mini-shocks, mini-falls, that are designed to expose your act as an act. The teasing of your mates, the little failures that show up your shortcomings, that ‘catch you out’. If you react by defending yourself, by going deeper into your act, by taking your persona – your act – more seriously instead of less seriously, sooner or later something big will happen to expose the truth of who you are. If your act is to pretend you’re the money guy when you’re really not, you’ll go bankrupt; if you pretend you’re the paragon of virtue when you’re really not, you’ll get caught with your fingers in the till and go to jail (‘The devil made me do it!); the philanderer will lose his marriage and the lone ranger will end up lonely and alone.

You can wait for that to happen and, when it does, pretend you’re the innocent victim, or you can jump ahead of the game and take a transformational workshop that’s designed to help you uncover your act and take a giant leap towards authentic being and self-mastery. (Yes, there’s one advertised below!)

Do it, before life uncovers you – in public!