Power and respect awaits those who have strong values and act on them

FEELING UNDECIDED about something? Chances are you’re not clear about what you stand for. When you get up in the morning and you have to be at work by eight o’clock there’s not much milling about wondering what to do next, is there? No, your decisions and actions come clearly out of that commitment to be at work on time. Even a complicated wardrobe debate is decided by the time imperative – you’re forced to make a choice and you do.

It’s really no different with the big things in our lives. When you find yourself taking a long time to decide on something, it’s most likely because you’re not clear on what you stand for. If Nelson Mandela had been unclear on whether he stood for freedom or for being with his family on weekends, South Africa might have had a very different history.

You might not agree with someone’s values, but you’ll recognise the power in them, and you’ll have some measure of respect for them, if they are clear what they stand for, if their actions are consistently aligned with their values. What about you, what do you stand for?