Your country needs you to lead!

Your country needs leaders, and talking about it doesn’t create them. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world,’ said Ghandi. Be the leader you want to see. It starts with you. The biggest wave cannot rise without all the tiny water molecules below it. The Taj Mahal relies on every brick for its beauty. It could not be without one of them. What if you were the building block for leadership in your country? Who would you have to be? What would you, leading, look like, right here, right now in your life?

Right now, where are you conforming to the mould instead of being extraordinary? Right now, where are you kowtowing to popular interests instead of leading the sheep away from the abyss? Right now, where are you serving your own survival in a situation instead of risking your position for the sake of something greater?

Being a leader means being willing
to be laughed at, criticised

Being a leader does not feel comfortable. Being a leader means risking being the butt of everyone’s jokes. You can say what you like about our leaders, but at least they’re willing to be laughed at, criticised. If you’re not, and someone else is, that person wins the game hands down, no contest. If you want to stop corrupt leaders from stealing your whole country from right under your nose, then you have to do something. It can be something small. Rosa Parks was one lady on a bus and she inspired a changed world. Would you step out like Rosa Parks, even for one day?