You appreciate in others what you feel you deserve in yourself

People who don’t have money often don’t trust those who do. The poor, to put it bluntly, often think that the rich must have done something crooked to get their money – and that they’re up to something right now, so the poor person is suspicious of the rich person’s motive, even when the rich person tries to help. On a global scale, this phenomenon shows up as conspiracy theories. The fact is that the poor person doesn’t believe, at a subconscious level, that they deserve the wealth that the rich person has. If they did, they would have it, and keep it. End of story.

Let’s say their deserving level is at 40 out of 100, so they have 40% of the wealth that they are capable of. Anyone above that, they’re either jealous or suspicious of.

Those who are high in deserving are neither
jealous nor suspicious, but appreciative

Now let’s look at love. When you believe you deserve love at level 40 out of 100, and you experience someone expressing love towards you at a much higher level, you don’t trust them, do you? You think they’re false, that they don’t mean what they say (‘How could they possibly?’) or that they want something. Those who are rich, who are high in deserving, don’t feel that way. They are neither jealous nor suspicious; they feel comfortable with the other person’s wealth, with the other person’s loving.

How much do you believe – at a subconscious, feeling level – that you deserve? The higher your deserving levels are, the less suspicious or resentful you are, and the more you can let in – the more friendship, love, money, support, contacts. To achieve this, you have to lower your defences, open up, allow yourself to deserve. This process of allowing is foreign to men, because we’re all about ‘doing’, but you can’t ‘do’ allowing, you have to relax, drop resistance, open up. It’s the opposite of doing. You have to ‘undo’. Can you do it? Go on, you deserve it!