Create harmony by wanting what you want

It’s natural that you won’t always GET what you want. But it’s a sad day when you stop wanting it. That’s the day that you resign from life; you become grumpy and miserable, and you blame the world for your problems. Most of us, for the sake of our parents’ and teachers’ sanity, or reputation, were taught to stop wanting, or to stop wanting so much. A simple no allows a child to go on wanting; instead, most of us were told – and tell our kids – not to want so much.

After a while, it seems normal to just do what you’re told, to do what’s expected of you, to serve society’s norms, and your partner’s wants. When someone comes along who wants what they want, and acts to get it, they appear eccentric, and everybody looks on in horror.

When you get in tune with your wants,
your life begins to flow

In the depths of quantum physicists is something called string theory. This says that the most basic unit of energy are ‘strings’, and each string has its unique harmonic, its unique vibration, or tone, just as each violin or piano – or golf club – has its own unique sound to the trained ear. Similarly, more complex organs – people included – have their own harmonic. That harmonic is expressed through our unique wants.

When you get in tune with your wants, you get in tune with your purpose, and life begins to flow; you experience joy. This appears selfish to those who don’t allow themselves to want what they want. To get from wanting what everyone else wants, to wanting what you want, and then acting to get it, can be a challenging journey. Whether you take that journey depends on your level of desire.

The question is, now you’re an adult, who would have to give you permission to want what you want?