Save time and money by doing things with your full attention

A bucket only needs a tiny hole for all the water to run out. And carrying water in a sieve requires many more trips – and much more hurrying – than carrying it in a watertight container. This same principle applies to thought, activity, and concentration. When you read, for example, with your mind only half engaged, you end up having to read the same piece again and again to absorb all the content. This takes longer, and is often the consequence of being in a hurry.

Being in a hurry, and doing something in a way that takes longer must be the height of foolishness. Rather complete the thought that’s distracting you – follow it all the way to the end, or make a decision to think about it later – and then concentrate on the reading.

If your mind is only half on holiday, you’ll return exhausted

The same principle applies when you’re relaxing, or on holiday. If your mind is only half on holiday, you’ll not relax properly and then you’ll be exhausted, irritated and frustrated when you return. You’ll have wasted money on the holiday too. So it is for all activities, do them with your complete attention. If something’s distracting you, deal with it first, or decide to deal with it later. Do this properly, and you’ll only need one meeting to conclude a matter, one conversation to clear up an argument, one short holiday – or even just a catnap – to relax properly.