Heed your life’s warning mechanism – and get help

The body has a warning mechanism: pain. When you feel pain and you’re doing physical exercise, you’ve either reached your limit in a good way, or you’ve hurt yourself. You’ll rest, or see a physio. If you feel pain and you’ve been doing nothing, you’re likely to see a doctor.

Machines have a warning mechanism: they slow down, start making a terrible noise, or they simply stop working. If you fancy yourself as a handyman you’ll try to fix it yourself – until you realize that most modern machines, especially cars, require specialists who come armed with computers that they plug into the machine in order to diagnose the problem.

Just at the modern car needs an expert, so does the modern life

Your life has a warning mechanism: frustration, confusion, depression. When you constantly feel frustrated, confused, or depressed in one or more areas of your life, there is an unmet desire in that area and either you don’t know how to fulfill that desire, or you lack the willingness to – perhaps meeting it would conflict with some of your values and so you talk yourself out of it.

Just as you would take your modern car to an expert for assessment and repair, so you need to take your modern life to an expert. Taking it to a friend is like doing a backyard job. Get an expert, and get a good one.