The man with the most enemies, loses

Consider the fate of Nelson Mandela versus that of Thabo Mbeki, Robert Mugabe, George W Bush. The man who loved his enemies the most is not only the greatest hero – he’s also the happiest of the lot!

Your enemy is anyone you’re opposing, while coming from a position of being right about something. If you’re in a conflict – any conflict – and you want to win, you have an enemy. If you look carefully, it’s often someone very close to you, in your family, your business. Think of a conflict you’re having currently. You’d love to win that, right? Well then, that other person is your enemy. You’re fighting them to be right. You’d fight to the death if it came down to it.

Your enemy truly is your greatest Coach

Chances are, whomever you’re fighting is providing a perfect challenge to your being the kind of person that you’ve declared yourself to be, somewhere along the way. It’s a set-up! Life tests you! So if you’ve declared yourself to be patient, life will present you with someone who tests your patience. Kind and loving? Life will present you with someone who tests you on that. If you recognise the challenge, and overcome it – not overcome them, but overcome the victory urge in yourself – you can start to be recognised for your greatness; you will discover the greatest power – and the key to happiness.