Gain energy by giving it

When you have a social engagement that you’re reluctant to attend, consider that most others probably don’t want to be there either. Even so, some people seem to have fun; they bring the conversation alive, and attract people towards them. Is it just their personality? Perhaps not. Perhaps they are simply making a conscious effort. The effect of their effort is that they inject energy into the room. Where does that energy come from? They find it within themselves, and by giving it they get more.

When you increase life, more life is given to you

The same applies to any activity or situation you find yourself in. When you’re called upon to contribute to a meeting or project at work, a family interaction, any small task, even talking to a shop attendant or handing money to a parking attendant. Check to see: Am I injecting positive energy into the situation? If yes, then you are increasing life, and when you do that, more life will be given to you – more energy will flow into you.

So this is not an invitation to go and sow your see all around town! Instead, it’s the simple principle that if you want energy you have to give it. And by the way, nobody cares whether you feel like it or not!