Honest sharing supports others to do the same

Any guy who’s been to the army will know this well: You never leave your buddies behind, no matter what. In real life, we tend to forget this practice. Now you don’t have to hold back on success for the sake of others. Rather, just be aware that for every summer you’re experiencing there is a winter on the other side of the earth – and there’s one coming up on your side, too. Yes, sooner or later, everyone hits a hard patch, and you can be sure that your buddy is just as good at covering up when he’s in one as you are.

OK, you don’t want to go prying into your mates’ lives; what you can do is get the ball rolling by sharing honestly and openly where you’re at. Do this check with yourself: ‘What am I pretending to be OK about?’ Then tell the truth about it. First to yourself, internally, then to your buddy. Chances are good that he’ll open up too.

Avoid the typical response of handing out advice

When your buddy shares, avoid the typical response of handing out advice. You don’t have to go into his childhood pains either; instead, ask him what he’s going to do about it, get him to commit, and then hold him to it – phone him up and check on him if you must. It’s a genuine case of sharing the load and pulling your buddy along with you.