The Conscious Leader : #2 Danger

  A conscious leader lives outside his comfort zone. He knows that he is always in danger and so he embraces it, welcomes it, by embracing every change and every challenge. When it’s not there he begins to grow restless, for he knows that the real danger is to fall asleep. That’s when surprises happen. That’s when the high and mighty get knocked off their pedestal. If there is no danger he creates it by setting himself a challenge. He knows that in order to feel alive he must be [...]

The Conscious Leader : #1 Ambiguity

  The conscious leader tolerates ambiguity. He knows that when opponents fight to be right, they are both right – and neither one is wrong. He knows that light is both particle and wave, and that you can be right and wrong about the same subject - it's a matter of choice. He knows that you can fight for a cause and still not make others wrong who don’t agree with you. He is like the sportsman who competes with all his might and then shakes hands at the end [...]

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