LIFE IS perfect, and suffering is a perfect Coach. If something repeatedly doesn’t work in your life, you can be sure there’s a lesson to be had there. There are natural laws and you’re simply not obeying them. To bring yourself in alignment with those laws is a delicate, tricky business. You try this, try that, until you find what works.

If you make it life’s fault, then when life comes right for you, you call it luck and you miss the deeper lesson. When you make yourself responsible, then you have the a-ha! moment – and you’re less likely to repeat the mistake.

If you’re in the intensity of something not working in your life, stick it out. Stand in that intensity, take responsibility for being the cause of everything that happens in your life, and wait for the lesson to become clear. I know this because I’ve tested it.

Something else I’ve tested: Suffering is resistance to feeling pain. When you can be with pain you can see the perfection in all of life; the student in you shows up; you’re available for the lesson, and things start to flow again.